American Grit (2016)


National Grit is a physical, military-based reality competition, hosted by fumbling superstar John Cena. 16 Us contestants are divided into some teams of 4, which happen to be all lead by four separated American military service people. The particular four team leaders/coaches items a particular Army Ranger sniper, a Dark blue Seal team leader, a Water Corps sergeant, and an Navy sergeant – all of exactly who have seen combat, and just about all of whom are highly designed. The contestants will have for you to fight through challenge after problem, all of which are patterned after real military training networks, while dealing with the factors of the wilderness – in no way to mention each other. During the end of each anxiety attack, the team leaders of often the 3 losing teams will pick and choose a contestant from their squad to run the dreaded Spectacle obstacle course. The obstacle training course stays the same throughout the exact competition, but the “endurance challenge” at the end of your Circus changes from week to be able to week. A contestant cannot end up being voted or kicked out about this competition. The only method out for this competition is to give up cigarettes. In late the Circus hindrance course three contestants are closed in battle in an uncertain endurance test. The very first contestant to help step out (or fall out) of the endurance test have got to then “ring out” of often the competition. (Much in the manner that Navy SEALs do through training. ) A final team associated with four to make it to help the end of the rivals will split a prize about up to $1 million, offering every single final four contestants some sort of chance to disappear with $250, 000.


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Actors Jim Vaglica, Jôji Yanami, Mayumi Tanaka, N/A,

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